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Defend your roof this Autumn: Top Tips to keep a healthy roof

How to Look after your Roof: A Seasonal Guide

Top Tips for Roof Care & Maintenance

As local roofers based in Tonbridge, we unfortunately come across many preventable issues that have escalated and create much bigger problems for the roof and the structure as a whole. Issues such as excessive water damage, leaks, structural sagging and flooding can escalate very quickly once a small problem is left unattended to.

The good news is that most of the biggest roofing risks can be resolved by taking practical measures and Autumn is a really great time to start these investigations.

The best way to protect your roof or commercial property is to have a clear picture about the state of your roof and to take corrective measures before the British winter sets in with its many weather surprises to reap more havoc. Tonbridge Defender Roofing Services have created this guide to help you to create a plan for securing your roof.

Top Tip 1:


The best way to do this is call out the professionals and get a roof survey done. Some local roofing contractors such as Tonbridge Defender offer this service for free. Call 01732 301610 or email to book in a free, no obligation roof survey.

Answering the following investigative questions can give you an idea of your roofs vulnerabilities:

  • How old is your roof? When was it last inspected or replaced?

  • What is your roof made of? Kent peg tiles? clay roof tiles, concrete roof tiles, or natural slate roof tiles for example?

  • What system of drainage do you use? Gutters? Flat roof drains?

  • How old is your drainage system? When was it last inspected or replaced?

Top Tip 2:


The structural integrity of your roof is a key part of your home's winter defense plan. Locating issues in the autumn can help you avoid major headaches later on. Autumn is a key time when minor roof damage can start to become more severe so its really crucial that property owners inspect their roofs at this time for potential roofing issues.

What to look out for:

  • Structural sagging and inconsistent pitch

  • Large damp spots and minor leaks

  • Missing tiles

  • Signs of deterioration

  • Breaks in roof seal due to broken or loose tiles

  • Signs of nesting or torn insulation

  • Gutter overflow or drainage issues

  • Ventilation issues in attic

Basically these small issues and roof imperfections are open invitations to nature to enter whether we are talking rodents or our ever changing variable weather conditions. When the temperatures drop it's essential for your property to be secured against these unwanted guests. Squirrels and mice in particular are known for creating large openings from the smallest cracks in your roof and can be tenacious and persistent pests. If left unchecked these vulnerabilities can weaken your roof’s integrity and can lead to higher energy costs as well creating costly long term damage. VISIT OUR SERVICES PAGE FOR MORE INFORMATION

Top Top 3:


Having an efficient drainage system is essential and one of the most important features of a well maintained roof. Without professionally installed gutters or other forms of drainage you could be at severe risk of property damage and this is why it's so important to annually check the alignment and pitch of your gutters as well as keeping them clean and clear. Misaligned gutters struggle to channel water efficiently and can lead to overflow which can threaten the facade and foundation of your property. If your gutters are also full with leaves and debris then these issues are multiplied further.

We suggest a seasonal clear out of your gutters at least four times per year to ensure they are not putting your roof at risk of these problems. VISIT OUR SERVICES PAGE FOR MORE INFORMATION

Top Tip 4:


British winter is obviously the worst season for your roof but it's also important to remember that Autumn comes with its own unique risks. Heavy autumnal winds combined with higher levels of rainfall can cause moisture to pool onto your roof, damage and misplace your tiles and misalign your gutters. That's why we cannot stress enough how important it is to get your roof surveyed and check for vulnerabilities because if there is an existing problem you can be sure that our autumnal winds will find a way in and make it worse.

The best way to keep a roof's integrity is to be one step ahead and stay proactive. Regular inspections of the condition of your roof means you can quickly identify potential problems and damage indicators of your property. If left unchecked these problems can become more severe and costly. Keep a close eye on loose tiles or lingering patches of moisture and take care to consider how the environment and time of year may pose a threat to the stability of your roof. Get in touch with us to book your free roof survey.

Top Tip 5:


If you are worried about the condition of your roof, the best course of action is to seek out the professional opinion of a reputable and trusted local roofing contractor. You may ask yourself how you might know they are professional and reputable and that is an excellent question. We believe in the power of reviews and have an outstanding review score across the board. We are 5 stars on Facebook, and have an average of 9.43 on Checkatrade. We are also regulated by Trading Standards which means that we are stringently checked and certified. We are trader KO277. Check us out at Checkatrade or Trading Standards to see for yourself.



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