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New Roof Installations, Tiling & Slates

Need a new roof here at Tonbridge Defender we install all types of new slate and tiles roofs including: 

  •  Pitched Roofs

  •  Flat Roofs

  •  Extension roofs

  •  Garage Roofs

  •  Porch Roofs

  •  Roofs for Dormer Windows

  •  Roofs for Garden Sheds


If you need general advice or guidance on your new roof before you make a decision on your roofing needs, then do not hesitate to give us a call

Detailed Roof Survey & Inspection

If you’re unsure about the condition of your roof, or you’re preparing to buy a property which hasn’t had a roof inspection done, it makes financial sense to have an expert carry out a detailed assessment of it.

Our trade-accredited roofers are all qualified to carry out surveys of all types of roofs. Whether it’s a residential or commercial property we can help.

New roof installations

What to expect from a detailed roof inspection survey

The visual inspection of a roof by one of our trade-accredited roofers will take approximately one to two hours to complete.

During the inspection the roofer provides a detailed assessment on each section of the roof. Each survey includes information and professional opinion on the following parts of the roof structure: – 


  • Roof coverings; including the type, condition and defects

  • Flashing; general condition and the ability to prevent leaks

  • Chimneys; condition of brickwork, pointing, pots and flaunching

  • Drainage and guttering; drainage defects and potential damp problems

  • Parapet walls; condition of pointing, brickwork, render and capping

  • Skylights, including Velux windows; condition and likelihood of leaks

  • Fascias, soffits and barge boards; general condition and possible issues

  • Internal structure; condition of timbers and visible signs of stress

Following the inspection we’ll provide you with a detailed report supported with photos. Finally, a quote for any recommended work will be provided.

Cost: £250.00

Contact us to book an appointment

Tonbridge Defender new roof installations

Why should I have a roof inspection?

When winter is coming with its unpredictable weather conditions , Autumn is the ideal time to book your property in for a roof inspection. Cold weather often causes the most damage to the exterior of a home, due to the increased precipitation, harsh winds and formation of ice dams.

Whatever the season, roof inspections are crucial for early detection of potential problems. Professional roofing companies often have years of experience in the industry, and can identify hidden problems. Some issues that can develop on the average roof include:

  • Weathering

  • Storm and snow damage

  • Obstructed drains/gutters

  • Vegetation damage

  • Build up of debris and mould

If these issues are allowed to develop they could not only reduce the lifespan of your roof, but they could also impact the structural integrity of your property, leading to costly repairs. In addition, any weakness in your roof’s structure could also turn into a security issue, as criminals may target it for easy entry into your home.

How much does a roof inspection cost?

At Tonbridge Defender, we like to offer a basic roof inspection for free to every customer. For an in depth roof inspection as described above, which can take 3-4 hours including the written report and photographs, we charge a nominal fee of £250.00 plus VAT.  However, if you choose to employ us to remedy these issues then we will deduct the call out fee from your quote. As a homeowner, it’s important that you take advantage of these no-cost and low-cost roof inspections, as catching problems early can save you lots of money and stress in the future.

How often should I have a roof inspection?

The answer will vary depending on several factors, such as; the material of your roof, the age of your roof, and the repair history of your roof. Generally, they are recommended to be performed every 1 – 5 years depending on these individual elements. A trusted roofing contractor, such as Tonbridge Defender Roofing, should be able to advise further.
The Tonbridge Defender team can offer expert roofing inspections to detect any hidden problems. Our knowledgeable staff have customer care in mind and can offer advice and guidance on any repairs needed. In addition to roof inspections, we also provide a huge range of roofing services such as installations, maintenance, repairs and building refurbishment. Simply get in touch with our friendly team by calling Johnny on 07717 713995 today or fill out our online booking form to request a callback. 

We offer the following services and more:

  • Flat Roof Repairs

  • Specialist GRP Fibreglass Systems

  • New Roof Installations

  • Roof cleaning and maintenance

  • Specialist Leadwork

  • Chimney Repairs

  • Repointing

  • Guttering, facias and soffits

Give us a call 

Tonbridge Defender new roof installations

What to expect when you get in touch 

What happens next? Once we have your initial enquiry, we will give you a call to arrange a roof inspection. Although we do appreciate your photos and descriptions of the issue, it's really important to us that we take a detailed look at your roof as there are many issues that could be present that cannot be seen on a photo or that will only be noticed by an expert eye. 

A call out to inspect your roof is completely free of charge and even better for the most part you don’t even need to be home, as long as we can access the roof. This visit will focus on the problem/ issue that you have described. If you would like a more detailed roof inspection then please let us know and we can get this booked in for you.

Once the call out has been completed we will begin to start work on your quote. All of our quotes are prepared and tailored to your specific needs so this does take a bit of time, do please shout if you are waiting on a quote, there are often a few in front of you and we endeavor to get through them as soon as we can.

How to contact us

Call or text: 07717 713995 - this is Johnny's mobile number and he is out on jobs or with customers during the day, so please don't worry if he doesn’t reply during the day. On a busy day he checks through all his messages when he gets home and will reply that evening or the next day. 

Facebook messenger:

Via the website: please fill in the booking form and we will be in touch to arrange a visit.


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