Flat Roof Repairs &  Replacements

We design, supply and install quality flat roofing for applicatios such as:

Whole house, part of the house, balconies, large or small extensions, porches, garages, dormer windows, garden rooms and garden sheds. 

Whatever your flat roof needs, we have built it before and whichever roofing material you decide to choose either GRP fibreglass or felt, they come complete with full warranty. For previous examples of flat roof repair, please visit our gallery. 

General Roofing Repairs

​We undertake all repairs and general maintenence, including:

  • Missing tiles and slates

  • Emergency Storm Damage

  • Flat roofs in Felt, or GRP Fibreglass  repairs

  • Ridge Tiles

  • Leadwork repair

  • Leak and Damp Issues

  • Sand cement repairs

  • General roofing maintenance

Chimney Repointing & Repairs

If your chimney looks unstable then it is imperative that you contact us immediately. At Tonbridge Defender we offer a free roof inspections where we can quickly identify any problems with your chimney and get it rectified stright away.

  • Unstable chimney pots and cowls

  • Crumbling mortar

  • Flashings and valleys

  • Failing leadwork

  • Chimneys in need of reconstruction

  • Chimney demolishing due to non-use

Specialist GRP Fibreglass

Fibreglass roofs are a versatile and durable option. Stronger than traditional materials they are a longer lasting option than a felt roof.  Having no seams ensures it less likely to be damaged over time by the weather and is therefore a great alternative to other roof types. 

  •  More durable

  • Less likely to need replacing

  • Lasts longer

  •  Weather resistant

Roof Cleaning & Maintenence

Build up of moss can cause problems such as misplaced and broken tiles but can also compromise the overall roof structure.  A build up of water and condensation in your roof can destroy timber joints and rafters.

Moss cleaning requires specialist knowledge and tools and here at Tonbridge Defender we have the knowledge and experience to clear the roof professionally from all types and sizes of roofs. 

  • Moss cleaning

  • Guttering clearing

  • Facias and soffitts cleaning

  • General maintanence cleaning

New Roof Installations, Tiling & Slates

We install all types of new slate and tiles roofs including: 

  •  Pitched Roofs

  •  Flat Roofs

  • Extension roofs

  • Garage Roofs

  • Porch Roofs

  • Roofs for Dormer Windows

  • Roofs for Garden Sheds

If you need general advice or guidance before you make a decision on your roofing needs, then do not hesitate to give us a call

Specialist Leadwork

We offer an extensive range of lead works and offer a highly skilled service in the provision and fixing of rolled lead sheet to comply with the BS EN 12588 standard. 

The leadworks we undertake includes:

  • Flashing to parapet walls and chimney stacks

  • Lead valleys

  • Parapet Walls 

  • Leadsheet Roofs

  • Lead side cheeks to dormers

  • Leadbox gutters

  • Chimney gutters

  • Installation of lead slates for flue pipes that penetrate slate, tile or flat roofs

Guttering, Facias & Soffitts 

Here at Tonbridge Defender we only use the most up to date and high quality uPVC guttering systems as its essential that the guttering is working efficiently to divert rainwater off the roof and away from the walls.

We recommend that you have your guttering cleaned regulary and checked over occasionally to prevent major problems occuring. 

Facias and soffitts complete and complement your roof and again our use of high quality uPVC facias and soffitts can make all the difference. Clean lines and a modern look can be acheived on any type of building. 

  • Remove and replace all guttering

  • Repair all guttering

  • New guttering installations

  • Remove and replace all facias and soffitts

  • Repair of facias and soffitts 

  • New facias and soffitts installation